The first step is always the hardest

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Read Beanne’s inspiring story about overcoming hardship to forge new paths. Before joining the Source Care team, Beanne had been out of work due to personal difficulties until a tragic event helped provide the motivation to restart her career. She realised she wanted to give back to the people who need it the most which led her to start looking into care jobs. From there, Beanne got in touch with Siraj, a member of the Source Care team, who invited her for an interview the same day.

Source Care signed her up for our free care certificate training which started her on the journey to becoming a Healthcare Assistant. Before the course Beanne didn’t have any experience but found the practical and engaging nature of our training the key to her progress. Since finishing her training in May, Beanne continues to go from strength to strength working with different service users to provide the support they need. Due to her range of skills and caring nature, Beanne has risen to take on management duties for our new Oak Lodge Day Services centre, which provides outreach services to people with Learning Disabilities.

“She has overcome so much and has totally transformed since she first came to Source Care. She is now the Manager of our Oak Lodge Day Services and has amazing relationships with the Individuals she supports. The Source Care team are extremely proud of her. She is absolutely outstanding!!” – Toni Hamilton, Source Care Head of Training Business Development

Since starting her role at the Oak lodge Day Centre, she has taken on extra courses, including our own PEJ training. Beanne continues to look ahead and hopes to build up to completing her NVQ level 5 and eventually being able to take on a care management role.

Beanne says “The staff have made me feel so welcomed from the beginning all the way through and they have made my journey so far, an absolute pleasure. They have managed to help build my self-esteem up to a level I never expected to reach again! And I couldn’t possibly thank everyone for helping to get to where I am today, as its further than I ever imagined.”

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