Day Services

Day Services


We have a whole selection of both summer and winter activities. At Source Care, we are passionate about getting out and about and experiencing what’s on offer together.


Some Examples: 

  • Music Therapy

  • Woodland Walks

  • What to do at home, practical skills

  • Swimming and Sports

  • Adventure Playground

  • Bowling

  • Cinema Trips

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Oak Lodge IT Training 

  • Oak Lodge Work Experience (basic admin skills) 

  • Oak Lodge Activity Area 

  • Oak Lodge Cinema 

  • Oak Lodge Fitness Area 

  • Oak Lodge Sensory Room

We are also excited to introduce our all new get IT scheme which Service Users will enjoy one day a week. On this day we will be going through and teaching how to use a computer and learning how to print, create a word doc, laminate and much more! - Click here to read more 

Please enquire below to arrange a free taster session or call 01494 931447.

Source Care also offers activity led day services for Adults  with Learning Disabilities and Mental Health. 


This is a Day Centre with a difference, with the whole service being Service User-led which is full of activities to encourage accessing the local community, promoting independence and learning life skills.


Choose whether you would like a 1:1 service, or group activities. We are flexible with your needs.

Our all-new Day Centre is now open, we are very proud to say that all of our current Service Users have been a part of the development of our new centre, sharing their ideas to help build a centre they will love and enjoy.